Round-the-clock Google Workspace data backup and recovery

From priority contacts to critical meeting schedules, your Google Workspace data is vast and varied. However, Google’s integrated archiving tool, G-Vault misses out on data beyond Gmail and Google Drive. Moreover, since the data is archived on Google servers itself, your data is susceptible to loss even due to a single event of failure.

Getting started

  • backup console

    Go to 'Google Workspace' Backup

    Click 'Google Workspace Backup' on the LHS menu in your IDrive account dashboard.

  • backup console

    Enable Backup

    Enable backup for all the Google Workspace users of your company

  • Managment console

    Monitor backup

    Your Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, and Contacts data will be backed up automatically

  • Managment console

    Granular restore

    Restore individual or entire Drive, Shared Drives, Gmail, Contacts, and Calendars

  • Managment console

    Centralized management

    Manage users, monitor backups, perform restores, and configure data retention via web console

* You need to add your Google Workspace account to the IDrive service for backup. Know more

$20/Seat/Year with 10 TB storage per seat

Monthly plans available at $2/Seat

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  • A seat refers to a Google Workspace user. Each seat added to the account will be charged $20/Year.
  • Storage beyond the assigned 10 TB per seat will be charged $5/TB/Month.
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