IDrive® 360 gets even better with unlimited backups of your Google, Microsoft cloud

Mark Hachman, PCWorld, May 3, 2023

Keep your Microsoft Office 365 data secure, recoverable, and accessible

While other backup solutions only protect a limited amount of Microsoft Office 365 data, IDrive® 360 Microsoft Office 365 Backup secures the entire Microsoft Office Suite including OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams data. With this proactive single backup solution, eliminate the complexity and cost of maintaining multiple backup agents.

Backup for personal Microsoft 365 accounts

IDrive® 360 now allows configuring your personal Microsoft 365 accounts for backup. You can now securely backup your OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote data in the cloud. Keep your and your family’s data safer with up to three daily automated backups and snapshot-based restore.

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Getting Started

  • signup acc

    Click 'Microsoft 365' on the LHS menu in your IDrive 360 account dashboard.

  • signup acc

    Enable backup for the IDrive Microsoft Office 365 users of your company

  • Configure MS acc

    Your OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams data will be auto-synced

  • Search & Restore

    Restore your backed up Microsoft Office 365 data from a single web console

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  • A seat refers to a Microsoft 365 user, or a SharePoint site, or a Team. Each seat added to the account will be charged $20/Year.
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